Better Services Provided By Us

Automotive Cosmedics is here to take care of the customer that insists on the best. It doesn’t matter if you have a Civic or a Mercedes Benz, if your goal is quality work that will last as long as you own the vehicle and longer then Automotive Cosmedics is here for you.


Detail Services

A clean car is a happy car. Interior and exterior detailing. Wash and vacuum, upholstery and vinyl cleaning. Exterior polishing and waxing.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paint less Dent Removal or PDR. Door dings, shopping cart dents, hail damage, we have been repairing minor dents without any damage to the paint since 1996.

Windshield Repair

Do you have a windshield chip, small crack, bullseye or other unsightly blemish that may grow and then require you to replace your windshield. Get it repaired now to save money and your windshield. Many times your insurance company will pay us for the repair and even waive your deductible. That means no out of pocket expense for you.

Headlight Restoration

Dirty, yellow headlights do not illuminate the road very well. That makes it hard to see where your going and replacement housings can cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars. We can repair them for a fraction of that and will back up our work with a 3 year warranty. Most companies or do it yourself kits do not replace the UV resistant top coat. Without that your headlights can go from clear back to yellow in as little as thirty days. Don't wast your time or money on inferior repairs. Go with the pros who will do it right and do it to last.

Scratch and Paint Blemish repair

Scratch's, rock chips and other paint blemishes can many times be repaired rather then repainted. That means money saved and a great looking ride. Using various techniques including airbrush, touch up and squeegees along with buffing and polishing we can repair many minor blemishes. Don't repaint until you talk with the professionals at Automotive Cosmedics to see if our reconditioning services are right for you.