Products Spray In Bed Liners

Automotive Cosmedics sprays a high pressure, heated bedliner product. High pressure bedliners have the highest tensile strength, tear and abrasion resistance of any sprayed in bed liner available in the industry.

A sprayed in bedliner from Automotive Cosmedics is a two part polyurethane, polyuria hybrid system. The finished product is an equal part chemical catalyst comprised of a part “A” hardener and a part “B” resin. When mixed at proper ratios it produces a polyurethane elastomer.

The two part liquid components are heated and pressurized inside special equipment. The two components are mixed together only at the final tip of the spray gun. Once mixed the product cures in 3 to 5 seconds turning almost instantly into a solid product.

• Environmentally safe – no VOC’s or CFC’s 100% solids
• EPA exempt
• 100% bond to almost all surfaces
• Faster turn around
• Detail Services
• Dries faster
• Withstands temperatures as high as 350 degrees +
• The only bedliner product approved to haul hot asphalt
• Best Looking

Beginning to end the entire process takes about 2 to 3 hours for an experienced person to complete the job. The vehicle is available for immediate use regardless of weather.

With the textured surface loads will hold in place better then other products or nothing at all.

Applying Bedliner – Steps

1. All hardware and accessories are removed from the truck bed.
2. The clean vehicle is masked off to cover and protect any portion of it that should not have bedliner applied to it.
3. The entire bed or surface area that is to be sprayed is scuffed a mechanical sander.
4. The dust is cleaned out and the spray surface is wiped clean.
5. The material dries in about 5 seconds and the entire spray process only takes nabout ten to fifteen minutes.
6. The vehicle is removed from the spray area.
7. All edges are cut by pulling on a wire that was installed during the masking off process and all masking material is removed from the vehicle.
8. All hardware removed earlier is reinstalled.
9. Quality control check.
10. Customer is notified that their vehicle is ready.